Mar 22, 2010

Which Dietary and Health Supplements are Good, Which Aren't

This is, without a doubt, the most useful information I have ever seen on health and dietary supplement.

The image below is a “balloon race”. The higher a bubble, the greater the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of a given supplement. Importantly, inside the bubble you get a list of the conditions for which the supplement is effective.

The infographic below shows the effectiveness of health supplements on the Y-axis (higher is better), and uses the size of the bubbles to illustrate the popularity of a particular supplement among US adults. Any supplement appearing below the “worth it line,” doesn’t have enough medical evidence to support its use, according to the creator's.

The author/ creators looked at data from over 1500 studies on both PubMed (US National Library Of Medicine) and The infographic is the best I have ever seen on health and dietary supplements.

If you are interested in or taking dietary or health supplements, I strongly suggest that you check out the interactive version, which lets you filter the supplements by function. To do that go here.

Tip of the hat to Information is Beautiful.

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