Apr 12, 2010

31-year-old Australian Woman Suffering from Rapid Onset Alzheimer's Has a Baby

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room
It's hard to see your wife lose that. Once she was so energetic and youthful. But she's my life and I'm not giving up on her. -- Scott Doig

When Alzheimer's strikes it is tragic every time. In this case it is difficult to imagine how Scott Doig is going to deal with the situation. A new born baby and a young wife suffering from rapid onset Alzheimer's disease.

Mrs Doig is believed to be the first female to be affected by this rare form of Alzheimer's.

It appears that Scott is surrounded by some caring friends and colleagues. To help Scott cope, his work mates have organised a benefit night next weekend to raise funds for the family.

We can only hope and pray that this young man receives the kinds of help and support he will surely need in the years ahead.

Go here to read more about Scott and his wife Rebecca -- Alzheimer's Mum Doesn't Know Her Own Baby.

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