Apr 20, 2010

Bobby Says, Let There Be Egg Salad

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Today was an interesting day. It actually started last night. Dotty says, I am going to bed. I say, if you go to bed now you are going to wake up early.

Sure enough, I get up at 7:15 AM and there is Dotty sitting silently in the kitchen. No light. Maybe I put the seed in Dotty's head.

I say good morning and Dotty answers in a good strong voice. She appears to be very aware. A good sign.

I turn on the coffee. Dotty asks what is that noise? I say I am making coffee. She asks again, what is the noise. I point at the coffee machine and say its the coffee pot. In the past this would have been very disconcerting. I don't like it now, but it doesn't bend me out of shape.

Dotty no longer knows how to push the button and turn on the coffee. This is probably due to the fact that I get up first just about every day and turn on the machine.
Let them do everything they can do. Once they forget they won't relearn.
Dotty seems really with it today. Around 11 AM I say, lets go to the BOYZ. Dotty offers no resistance. I get her up and lay out her cloths. She puts on her cloths, brushes her teeth, and combs her hair. Interesting. This is unusual. Normally, I can't get Dotty ready to do anything before 3:30 PM. The only exceptions are doctors appointments or tests.

Away we go.

When we get to the BOYZ, Dotty wants to stay in the car. Not a problem. It is really nice outside by the way. Bright sunny and about 75 degrees.

I go in. The BOYZ has the best eggs in town. Fresh. I buy the Jumbo's. Dotty marvels every time at the size of the Jumbo eggs.

They have a section at the Deli counter in the BOYZ that has all kinds of salads. Every kind you can imagine. Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrmip, crab, pasta, bow ties, you name it.

While I am standing there they bring out a fresh, new bowl of egg salad. I look at the egg salad. I am reminded of the old days when I use to come down to Delray and visit mom. Mom didn't shop at the BOYZ. I would go over there and grab what I wanted and I would get her some egg salad. She would always say its the best.

As I am deciding on the egg salad I think about this blog. I think about all the egg comments from a few days ago. I think I am going to buy some egg salad. I wonder to myself, did the list brain wash me? Maybe. I buy the egg salad for mom. PS -- I don't eat egg salad.

When I get outside I buy mom some flowers. They also have excellent, fresh flowers at the BOYZ. They last. Mom loves flowers. Don't all women?

I get to the car and hand mom the flowers she is delighted. As we are driving home mom starts talking to the flowers. I have to smile and laugh. This is not an Alzheimer's thing. Mom has always talked to the flowers and the plants. Also, to her parakeet. I don't know if they talk back to her.

When we get home I show mom all the goodies. Then I show her the egg salad. She has no idea what it is. I say its egg salad. She gets it, I think.

I start to put the lunch together. Now is the time -- the prune juice. I say to mom, once you finish the prune juice you are getting a nice fresh egg salad sandwich. I hand her pill number one. I turn my back. I am now ready to hand her pill number two. What the hey? Prune juice gone. No holding the nose. No telling me this is poison. She shot it right down.

I look up to the heavens. Shake my head. Its a good day.

Dotty goes after the egg salad sandwich. I ask, how is it. She responds, delicious. The look on her face reminds me of how my face might look if I was eating in the best restaurant in New York city.

Dotty loves food. Me, I see it most food as a necessity and that is it. There are some exceptions like chocolate candy and pizza. I am a pizza connoisseur. I can sniff out a great pizza anywhere on the planet. I did it in places like Paris and Zurich.

Mom looks good. She is in a good mood. So its a good day.

I also bought some Pasta Foglia. Mom loves it. So do I.

Mom actually has a Pasta Foglia song.

Pasta Foglia makes a man strong. That is all I know and all she remembers. I think its like an apple a day, only this makes you strong.

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