Apr 18, 2010

Dear Mrs DeMarco

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

In response to -- Dotty Offers Some Helpful Household Tips.

Dear Mrs deMarco,

You are right that Bobby doesn't know what he is talking about a lot of the time. Eggs are marvellous and should be eaten every day - soft boiled for breakfast with bread dipped in them, fried, poached, made into omelettes. The whole cholesterol thing is over-rated. I have had frighteningly high cholesterol for years (so the doctor says) and I'm not dead yet. I think the liver knows what it is doing, and if it thinks you need more cholesterol, we shouldn't interfere with nature.

As for bananas, they are not my favourite fruit. Crampeze helps with cramps and is easier to swallow than a boring banana, but my Mum's renal specialist told me on Monday that he's studied the whole cramp thing for years and in his opinion, they are caused by being dehydrated. He said if we get up in the night for the bathroom, we should take the opportunity to have a glass of water, or even half a glass. In the morning, before eating, we should drink two glasses of water. He says if we do that, we won't get cramps.

Since I have been reading your Bobby's blog, I've been really feeling for you when he won't give you enough potato chips (I think you call them crisps), he's always letting you go hungry and he doesn't give you enough EGGS. I saw a 100 year old lady on TV once and when they asked her if she had any regrets, she said "I wish I'd eaten more chocolate." So eat those chips and eggs and have fun.

I've actually been thinking of asking Bobby to do a swap: I'll send him my Mum, who doesn't like eggs or chips, and he can send you over to Australia. I promise to give you poached eggs on toast every morning and I make a great Spanish omelette. I have my own chooks, so my eggs are specially good.

As for the young lady, yes, he should ask her out on a date. Bobby has been living at home for way too long. He's one of those boomerang kids - he's got it too good at home so he keeps coming back. He needs to meet some ladies, get married and move out, and then you can have all the eggs you want.

from your Aussie friend,


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