Mar 22, 2011

Doctors Diagnosis Alzheimer's, Do They Help Caregivers?

If you know anyone that has been touched by Alzheimer's disease and would be interested in answering these question, please forward this article to them.

I would be particularly interested in learning the reaction of Alzheimer's support group moderators and members of associations that are dedicated to helping caregivers...

Alzheimer's Reading Room

  • When the doctor gave you the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, did he/she give you a list of useful resources you could use to contact others for help, insight, or advice about Alzheimer's disease?
  • Did the doctor hand you any written material to help you understand Alzheimer's disease?
  • Did the doctor hand you any material that listed agencies, organizations, or support groups that are dedicated to assisting Alzheimer's caregivers?
  • Did the doctor suggest any websites you could visit to get a better understanding of Alzheimer's disease or that would help you find others in a similar situation?
  • If you answered no to any or all of the above, do you think you would have benefited if the doctor had handed you material that helped you understand Alzheimer's and the the role of Alzheimer's caregiver?
  • If doctors had a package of information available for families of Alzheimer's patients, what information and material should be included in the package?
  • Has your doctor ever attended an Alzheimer's support group meeting?

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