Apr 1, 2010

Dotty Sings....

...the Pee Pee Song.....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room
Lately things have been going well with Dotty. I am not saying it is a bed of roses, but it definitely is not a bed of thorns.

On February, 27th, I wrote Philly Cheese Steak and Potato Chips and described how Dotty for the first time in years got into the shower by herself, took a shower, turned off the water and got dressed. Really amazing.

Then on March 11th, I wrote Mom Hands Me 25 Bucks -- Bingo! Mom not only won at bingo, but after we came home she managed to figure out that half of 50 is 25, and she handed me 25 bucks. She split her win with me.

On Monday, Dotty had to go for a physical and memory testing. This was a long drawn out affair that lasted 4 hours. I also was interviewed twice.

At one point the nurse asked Dotty if she needed to go to the bathroom and she said yes. She did. About ten minutes later they say they need a urine sample from Dotty. I laugh and tell them, it isn't going to happen, Dotty just went. They say lets try anyway. I say fine by me.

It is at this point that I am introduced to something I never saw before -- a kinda pot that fit on the toilet and collects pee. Once the pee is collected it has a spout that allows you to easily pour the pee into the cup -- the pee holder.

If you have been here for a while you know that Dotty has had many bladder infections over the years, and at least two urine analysis tests with every infection. So for these many tests Dotty had to pee in a cup. Which I am proud to say that Dotty accomplished every time even at her advanced age of almost 94.

I doubt you can imagine how amazed I am when I see this new pee pee collection device for the first time. Why don't they have this everywhere? Why doesn't our personal care physician have this system? I actually know the answer but I'll live that for another time. I am mesmerized looking at this new to me pee pee collection device.

As expected, Dotty can't pee a drop. She is empty. If you read my articles on urinary incontinence you know that one of the major keys to success in the battle against the dreaded pee pee underwear, pajamas, and pants is to keep the tank empty.

They give me the new device to take home. The pot that fits on the toilet and collects the pee, and the cup that holds the pee pee. I assure them I know the drill and I will collect the pee pee from Dotty and bring the specimen back to the office immediately.

Next day its time to collect the pee from Dotty. I show her the new pee collection system, explain to her how it works, and encourage her to fire away. Dotty and I are actually having a good time with our new toy. Dotty fires away and I now get to use our new toy for the first time. Works like magic. Pee Pee flows right out of the collection pot and right into the cup.

I tell Dotty, I think we have enough but its gonna be close. After a few minutes, Dotty says I think I can give you some more. Needless to say, I am bit surprised that Dotty even offers to go round two with the toilet.

So I put the new pee pee collection system back on the toilet and encourage Dotty to fire away.

Then it happened.

Dotty is sitting on the toilet trying to give us some more pee and out of nowhere, for the first time in all of history, Dotty starts singing the pee pee song. One of the songs I sing to her when its time to -- Pee Pee.

I'm shocked, I'm amazed, I'm happy and it is really quite moving to hear Dotty sing. She doesn't get all the words but she gets the part about the pee pee right. She also squeezes out a little more pee and we are good to go.

I am so happy I tell Dotty, get your cloths on we are going out to breakfast. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of Dotty's favorite things to do -- go out to breakfast.

It didn't end there. Later in the day at lunch time, I start peeling a tangerine and start singing my version of the Frank Sinatra song Tangerine. My version is actually about the tangerine. Lo and behold, Dotty starts singing along with me.

These Florida tangerines are really sweet this year, and so is Dotty.

Alzheimer's dementia caregiving, never a dull moment.

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