Apr 12, 2010

In Honor of My Grandmother Mary

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This eulogy was written by fourteen year old Erin Studholme to honor her grandmother, Mary. Erin resides in Plymouth, Ma.

Flying with the Kites

26 million people.
All are losing the memories they have made,
The families they’ve known forever,
And the lives they have worked so hard to create.
My grandmother was one out of 26 million people that had to endure the pain.
One unlucky person out of 6,692,030,277.
She didn’t know any better.
She forgot that she doesn’t go to bed at 2 pm.
She forgot the very children she had brought into this world.
But most importantly, she forgot how to live.
Decorating her Christmas tree,
Building forts of colored blocks in the den,
The smiles of all her grandchildren when they open up their Easter goodies consisting of candy galore, chocolate bunnies, and always and forever…a kite.
All those memories are gone.
I don’t know why or how things like that just vanish into the skies.
Watching her fade away in a nursing home which doesn’t make up for her real home,
Was the saddest thing I have ever seen.
Her coloring fades to gray and her eyes are cold and distant.
No more warm smiles or cheerful greetings.
I was told she couldn’t get better,
That there simply was no cure,
To fix a broken memory that took so many years to build.
It simply didn’t hit me because I still believed that the sudden smile and chocolate ice cream was a chance she’d come back to us.
But there were no more big smiles,
No more sound from the love making her heart beat,
And no more breath escaping her lips.
There are no more Christmas parties at her house,
No more forts in the den,
And no more kites in our Easter bags.
Many of my kites got lost up in the sky,
As well as her life and her memories.
But the memories we have made together aren’t forever gone.
They’re in the soul and not the mind.
I know she is now happy and with her husband after 14 years,
She is happy.
She is an angel.
An angel, flying with the kites.

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