Apr 9, 2010

Profile Nurse Paulette Winchester-Joseph

One of only 75 Admiral Nurses, all of whom are trained in mental health issues, Paulette is on hand to spot signs of depression or stress in caregivers, as well as make sure that those with dementia receive the best possible care....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

"In my experience, carers of people with dementia spend an awful lot of time feeling guilty about getting irritable with their loved ones or being somehow less than perfect around them.

"But dementia doesn't come with a handbook and until someone close to you has it, you really don't know how you are going to react."

"One of my clients stopped taking her husband to his day care centre recently because after several weeks of refusing to be washed, people started to comment about the smell and she felt not only embarrassed but guilty about not looking after him properly.

"After a couple of hours of persuasion, he finally agreed to get into the bath, and the sessions that are so vital to both of them were restored.

"That wouldn't be a typical day for me, but sometimes, you simply have to roll your sleeves up," she adds.

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