Apr 19, 2010

Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, a Clean Bathroom, and Life

In life you can get more with sugar then you can with vinegar. Works with bankers, airline personnel, healthcare companies, and very well in the Alzheimer's caregiver environment.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Clean Bathroom, and Life | Alzheimer's Reading Room

After reading Dotty's article on -- Dotty Offers Some Helpful Household Tips -- some people might have gotten the wrong impression. I'll clear up a few issues.

Vinegar. I'm Italian. I learned about the power of vinegar as a little boy. You can ask any little old Italian lady about vinegar and she will swear up and down about its unique powers. They all have the giant bottle of vinegar stored in an easy accessible place. Bunkhouse logic -- vinegar works.

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I am a man of zero fears, almost. About twenty years ago I made a simple observation. Both my older brother and mother have a nasty case of toenail fungus. I resolved I would never let that happen to me. I should add that my father did not have toenail fungus and his toenails and finger nails always looked excellent.

I take my mother to the podiatrist and over the years I have had many discussion with him about toenail fungus. It seems that this is a big big problem with the elderly.

I have a solution to this problem which I will add as tip #109.

I use a combination of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide to keep my toenails looking mighty handsome. I mix the solution in a small spray bottle and spray it on after each shower. You need to get your toes really wet with this solution.

After spraying the solution on to the toenail you need to work it into the bed of the toe under the nail by rubbing it around the top and sides of the nail with your finger. It doesn't go through on its on.

One podiatrist told me people pee on their toenails to avoid toenail fungus. I am curious by nature, however, I will only turn to that solution if I start losing the toenail fungus war.

This brings us to my favorite product in this milieu -- hydrogen peroxide. I put hydrogen peroxide down drains and down the toilet all the time. I have no idea if it does anything, but I like the idea.

I have been known all my life for having white teeth. This topic comes up because I like to smile. Girls and women have been saying to me since I was twelve years old, you have nice white teeth. I should add, I had these nice white teeth long before people started going to the dentist to get their teeth whitened. My teeth do not look like those phony -- way to white -- teeth that you now see every where. My teeth look real.

Here is tip #110 and #111. Gargle with hydrogen peroxide several times each week. Swish the hydrogen peroxide around until it gets all foamy. It will actually expand in your mouth. This will help keep your teeth nice and natural white. The fact that hydrogen peroxide foams up in my mouth actually gave me the idea to start pouring it down drains and into the toilet.

#111. Take baking soda and mix in a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Make it so it looks like a paste. Brush your teeth and gums with the paste. #110 and #111 in combination will give you nice white teeth. Natural looking. These tips will also make your teeth shine, and make your mouth and gums feel nice and clean.

On the bathroom. Dotty is right, I am not the worlds best house cleaner. However, even when I was a bachelor you could come to my messy place and be assured the bathroom would be "spic and span." This was not because I was a clean freak, it was because I knew visitors would use the bathroom and I wanted them to feel comfortable.

More than one women asked, how can your bathroom be so clean and the rest of this place be a mess. Answer? Because I am a bachelor. I am Italian. Italian men don't do cleaning. We are programed to eat and be great lovers. Italian women are programed to cook and be great lovers.

I have learned as an Alzheimer's caregiver to do all the things Italian women do. I even know how to make the wash come out nice and bright and fluffy. Cooking? I have all kinds of ten minute recipes that are Mediterranean and good for Dotty and me. Imagine me saying, Dotty five minute warning -- time to pee and eat (I know many of you get that one).

Aisha Sultan suggested that we hire a cleaning service. The first thing I did when I came to Delray Beach was to hire a "maid". In fact, three different maids. The last one was a cleaning machine. However, Dotty didn't like any of our maids. She constantly told me I was a fool because all the maid did was sit around and watch television. She would also accuse the maid of stealing from her. Like stealing something Dotty had given away years ago. This constant and repetitive complaining drove me crazy and gave me a stomach ache.

The above was taking place in my early days as an Alzheimer's caregiver. So believe me, Dotty was giving me a giant stomach ache on the issue of the maid. As you can imagine, with my stomach ache brewing I might have said things to Dotty that bent her out of shape. Now we had a stress filled environment. When this happens as an Alzheimer's caregiver the situation can best be describe as being "dipped in shit up to your neck" (sorry folks but that is the best way to describe it).

For those of you that have been here for a while you know my Alzheimer's caregiver model is to identify and define a problem, and then attack with a well defined solution (plan). I will now take on the maid situation once again. I'll try to use the maid service and somehow keep Dotty from giving me the big stomach ache in the sky. I'll have to map out the strategy on my big pad before I proceed. Get a good plan and see if I can make it work. I'm confident now.

As far as household tips go, I have tried every product under the sun. My favorite -- the Magic Eraser. Awesome. You can also use it to clean the film off the headlamps on your car. Pretty much rub it on anything. They aren't cheap. Maybe Aisha has a good alternative.

My least favorite product -- Kaboom. Way too toxic for me. That stuff could kill you. Do they still sell it?

Recap. Love vinegar, but not as much as God's greatest invention -- prune juice.

White teeth -- hydrogen peroxide or combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

My bathrooms are so clean you can eat lunch in them and feel comfortable. Although, I am going to try the Alka Seltzer in the toilets.

I am also going to try and remove perspiration stains from my favorite Philadelphia Eagles shirt using aspirin (the shirt is white).

What can I say, I am a curious guy by nature. I am odd in one way, I like problems and I like solving problems.

Here is one thing I learned in life, lets call this tip #112 Aisha.

In life you can get more with sugar then you can with vinegar. Works with bankers, airline personnel, healthcare companies, and very well in the Alzheimer's caregiver environment.

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