May 25, 2010

Dotty, Tuesday Morning Update

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

There is nothing significant to report here on Tuesday morning.

Dotty is eating and drinking. Yesterday, she even ate some potato chips.

However, she is still basically out of it. Her eyes remain glassy and she seems very tired. If I get her to walk ten steps she is just gassed, and wants to lie down immediately. When she walks she is looking down and having a bit of a problem getting her head up.

She is talking and asking a lot of questions. Most of her sentences are still starting with the word, Bobby.

It is hard for me to say she is getting better. She is definitely much improved versus last Friday and Saturday. On the other hand, she is much worse then last Monday, May 17.

Keep in mind on May 10, she was "there". Now, "not there".

On May 10, she was able to walk around the clinical trial office, see the neurologist, move from room to room, and took a serious of tests that included verbal interviews. She walked from the parking lot and into the doctor's office while I held her hand. She walking into and out of the doctor's office that day. Compare this to last Thursday and Friday when I had to use a wheelchair to get her to the doctor and home.

What a difference two weeks has made.

Dotty has never acted like this before. Not even close.

By the way, she is not acting mean. I believe she does know there is something wrong and knows that she is not feeling well.

We head back to the doctor's office this afternoon.

If you want to check back, I'll update this article at 11 AM EST.

11:30 AM update: Dotty had an egg and actually said the egg looked good. Good sign. She is still complaining bout her stomach and dizziness. She did stand up straighter when I got her out of bed the second time today. She did remark about the lead story on the front of the newspaper. About six times.

After 15 minutes of being out of bed, she is better than she has been in the last week. We will see if she can maintain. -- Bob

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