May 13, 2010

Dotty Says, Who the Hell is David Hung?

So who's the dog. Bobby or me?....
By Dorothy DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I wish you could be here to see this. When Bobby talks to one of his Wall Street buddies he paces up and down the entire length of the house while he talks on the phone.

Here he comes...........There he goes...........Here he comes.

Bobby should write a book, How to Lose Ten Pounds While Talking on the Phone. Can you believe he has one of those phone things he puts in his ear and he actually uses it to talk on the phone while he is walking around -- inside or outside.

Here he comes. He is talking about some guy named David Hung. He says he is thinking about writing an open letter to him on this so called blog. Who the hell is David Hung? Is he one of those karate guys in the movies?
Medivation (Dimebon) Gives Dotty the Axe

There he goes. Hold on.............. Here he comes.

Now he is saying that I am back to saying, "oh boy" after a couple of months of not saying it once. Hmm. He says I have been off Dimebon or Dimwitbon or something like that for three days?

What is Dimwitbon? Is it like a Bon Bon? Can you eat it? Oh boy, I'm hungry.

Bobby talks about me all the time. He acts like I'm not here. I'm here. I might have Alzheimer's disease, but I'm not dead. Sometimes he sneaks into the other room to talk. He says he goes in there so he can curse like he use to do on Wall Street. He can't fool me, I know he is up to something. I know he is talking about me behind my back. I'm no dimwit.

Speaking of food. Back in the old days, Bobby's Wall Street buddies use to call me up when they were down here in Florida on vacation. They would pretend they wanted to know how I was doing. Then they would say they told Bobby they would stop by and check on me to see how I was doing.

Yeah sure. What they really wanted was a free meal. Specifically they wanted ravioli and my super secret meatballs. I'll tell ya, they thought they were pulling the wool over my eyes. I'll tell ya, someone was dimwitted but it wasn't me.

Bobby now claims he is a great Italian cook since he stole my secret formula for spaghetti sauce and meatballs. He likes to brag, I am the only person in the world that has the secrets. Sometimes, he says he has improved on my 80 years of experience cooking Italian food. Yeah sure, he came down here for a few years and now he is the best.

I'll tell you who is the best. I'm the best. Want to know why I am the best? Uh, what was I talking about. I forget. Hehhehehehe.

Oh yeah, I'm hungry.

Here he comes. Miracle, he is off the phone. I tell Bobby, I'm hungry.

Bobby says, OK, let's take a pee and you'll get something nice to eat. You know, Bobby thinks I am one of those dogs. Hmm. Bobby what was the name of the guy that had those dogs? Pavlov. Yeah Pavlov. Yeah, he would ring a bell and the dogs would come running and do anything he wanted them to do to get some grub.

Bobby thinks I am one of those trained dogs. Well let me ask you this. Every time I piss I get something to eat. So who's the dog. Bobby or me?

I'll tell you this, I'll piss until the cows come home -- as long as I get to eat the cow.

Who the hell is David Hung?

Editor Note: David Hung is the CEO of Medivation (MDVN).

Medivation (Dimebon) Gives Dotty the Axe

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