May 22, 2010

Dotty Update

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Many of you are emailing asking how Dotty is doing. Right now, I don't have anything new or different to report.

She can't walk and is continuing to refuse to eat and drink. Fortunately, I was able to get some food into her and she is drinking some water. Unfortunately, I am not having much success with the juice.

For those of you that have been here for a while I know you will be surprised to learn that Dotty is still refusing to eat an egg. Mama Mia.

Same story with all foods even the beloved potato chip.

I am confident that she isn't yet getting dehydrated. In fact, the pee she took this morning shocked me. I mean think race horse. I think my eyes must have been bulging out of my head. Put it this way. Haven't heard that ever.

You will be surprised to learn that Dotty let me put a brief on her (some women don't like the words adult diaper). Of course, this is a Catch 22. While I was pleased that Dotty agreed to wear the diaper, I did miss her going nuts telling it was never going to happen. Right now I have the insert in her panties.

Medically speaking. At this point we definitely need a head scan (at the minimum) and we have to get her stomach checked out.

The first round of preliminary blood tests (one day turn around) did not show any obvious problem. I did not hear the official report on the chest X-ray. The X-ray technician did assure me that the images were good, so at least I know we didn't waste time on that appointment. I might be glowing green, rather then purple, as they insisted I stand there to catch her if she feel.

By tomorrow afternoon I will provide another update even if I really don't have anything new to add.

I really appreciate the private emails and the comments under the blog articles. I will try to respond to each of you in time.

I wrote in -- Alzheimer's Trying To Drag Me Into the Darkness Once Again -- "right now, I'll take strength from all the other caregivers in the world. I'll take strength from all the wonderful people on this blog."

Wow. I meant it when I wrote it and I can't believe the wonderful response. Each of you are making a big difference in our lives. You give us strength and keep me determined to carry on.

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