May 12, 2010

Kerry Runyeon Asks about Dimebon

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

In the comments section below -- Medivation (Dimebon) Gives Dotty the Axe -- Kerry Runyeon asked,
Is there any other way to get your hands on Dimebon and if you could would you based on what you have observed.

I hear you can buy Dimebon on the Internet. I have never looked into the possibility because my guess is it would be hard to determine the quality and the formulation of a generic version.

I'll answer your question this way. If Dimebon makes it to market and if Dotty is still around, I'll be standing at the door of pharmacy, prescription in hand, waiting for them to open -- on day one.

I will be writing a thorough and detailed description of our 18 weeks in the Dimebon clinical trial soon.

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