May 3, 2010

Mother's Day How Do You Spot Alzheimer's Early?

A few years ago I asked a friend of my mother what she had for breakfast (she was losing weight). She said ice cream.....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I am interested in developing a list of bullet points on how to spot Alzheimer's over Mother's day weekend. Mother's Day is a time of year when families come together.

Editor Note: Please see the comments section below the article for reader suggestions and insight.

Looking back, are there one or two things (behaviors, events) that might have alerted you to Alzheimer's dementia earlier?

We don't need a long explanation. Just things to look for that could indicate memory problems that rise above the level of senior moments or the kinds of forgetfulness that come with aging.

Please use the comments box below this article to enter you observations or advice.

Later this week, I'll compile the comments into an article.

I'll start with this one.

Saying something that makes no sense. A few years ago I asked a friend of my mother what she had for breakfast (she was losing weight). She said ice cream. My ears perked up. I continued talking to her and asked what did you do today. She told me she went to the doctor. Her husband was sitting there and corrected her. She had not gone to the doctor.

I informed their children of my concerns. Basically they ignored me. From that point on it got very ugly. She sat around crying, pooping in her pants, and complaining of pain. She was never treated for dementia. She did receive Lexapro.

I never knew if she was suffering from dementia or some other disease.She died about 18 months later after her children moved her up north.

Let's see if the collective brain of the Alzheimer's Reading Room can come up with a good list.

We might just make a difference in someone's life.

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