May 6, 2010

She replied I am getting out of here.....

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Marcus Bennett wrote:

"Could Walmart make an impact on the lives of Alzheimer's patients and caregivers? You bet they could." Wal~Mart is one of the biggest givers to the Alzheimer's Association if not the biggest.

My mother has Alzheimer's and walks very slow with a walker. I finally talked her into trying the motorized cart. It went fine until she hit a display knocking it over covering the isle with cans of corn.

She climbed off of the cart and took off walking faster than she had in years...When I caught up to her I asked where are you going so fast? Slow down before you fall.

She replied I am getting out of here before they make me clean that mess up. We started laughing and laughed and laughed until we got home. That was three years ago and we still start laughing when I ask her if she wants to try the motorized carts. Hey they are not for everyone! LOL

Click on Corporate Website and put Alzheimer's in the search pane to learn more about Walmart and Alzheimer's. They give to everything Alzheimer's from associations to foundations and everything in between. Then you can click on the "contact us" and they say " We'd like to hear from you. Send your local store or our corporate headquarters a comment."

So give it a try, maybe they will listen to you and come up with something. Maybe they will have a motorized cart race! That would be fun!

All of the above, by Marcus, originally appeared as a comment under the article -- Walmart and Alzheimer's Caregiving.

Thanks Marcus, I am still laughing.

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