Jun 12, 2010

Alzheimer’s Sufferer to Row 22 Miles for Dementia Research

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Jamie Graham, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, has gathered a crew of veteran oarsmen to row 22 miles from Eton to Henley on Friday 2 July, to raise £50,000 for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, with an additional donation to Swindon dementia support group, the Forget-me-not Centre.

Before the diagnosis, 62 year old Jamie, from Dauntsey, in Wiltshire, had a high-powered job in information technology and was looking forward to an active retirement. Since then he has had to give up driving and lost the ability to use a computer, read or write. Despite all this, his sense of humour remains intact and he still rides his bike, enjoys going for long walks and playing tennis.

This is my kind of guy and that is why this story is up on the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

Jamie is trying to raise 50,000 British pounds sterling. That is the equivalent of $72,715.

Do it Jamie.

To read more about Jamie's efforts -- go here.

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