Jun 8, 2010

Caregivers’ Link Through Prayer

Caregivers’ Link Through Prayer
by Arlene Forbes Riblet

Come, let’s form a human chain 
That reaches around the World 
And comes back to us again 
All caregivers, we, tending each other

Caregivers often feel isolated 
By the all consuming time involved 
In nursing and nurturing 
The person they love

We must remind each other 
To take a deep breath, then release stress 
Take another deep breath, then release anxiety 
Feel the love--we pass on one to another

As our thoughts touch, we renew 
As our hearts reach out—we grow in Spirit 
We will then remember—we are Living Temples 
Wherein the Power dwells – reach out to that Source in prayer

Call the Power by any name you will 
Ask for courage, guidance, energy and health 
To do the work ahead of you 
Breathe deeply, fill your being with love—then

Arlene Riblet asks that caregivers think of others at 10:00 p.m. each night, no matter what time zone they live in, so there will be a continuous chain of caregiver meditation around the world.

Arlene Forbes Riblet is author of To Taste of Life - To Grow in Wisdom

Sent to us by Nancy Allan, Respite Care Coordinator, Senior Adult Services, Virginia Beach, VA

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