Jul 6, 2010

Learning to Deal with a Person Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease -- Submit Articles

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I'll start with a simple question -- Did you change the way you communicate with a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease over time? Have you developed new and different techniques or ways to communicate? Did you learn or discover a communication technique that is particularly effective for you?

Or, are you still communicating with the person suffering from Alzhemier's in the way you did before the diagnosis of Alzheimer's was made?

I am asking these questions to Alzheimer's caregivers.

Are you one of the many that has had to deal with repetitive behavior? Like an Alzheimer's sufferer asking the same question over and over? Or, engaging in the same activity over and over during the course of the day? Did you do you anything about it? Or did you just give in and accept it as part of the day -- in others words gave up trying to change the situation or behavior.

Have you been subjected to mean spirited, angry, or violent behavior from someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease? What did you do about it? Did you try to change the behavior by using communication? Turn to medication? Or, did you accept it as part of Alzheimer's disease?

Do you find yourself "venting" or complaining about the same problem over and over? If so, have you ever sought out a solution to the problem?

Do you believe that a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease is a "victim"?

You are welcome to answer in the comments box below.

Or, you are welcome to submit an article on any one of these questions. If you submit an article you must put these two words in the subject line of the email -- Article Submit. Please include a short bio (75 words or less), a link back to your blog or website, and an image. If we have your bio already you do not need to resubmit it.

You are welcome to write about your own experience, supply insight, offer advice, or ask a question.

I'll am developing new articles and audio casts on the broad topic -- Alzheimer's Communication.

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Bob DeMarco is the editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room and an Alzheimer's caregiver. Bob has written more than 1,610 articles with more than 8,000 links on the Internet. Bob resides in Delray Beach, FL.

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