Jul 1, 2010

Lou Nevola Insight into Caregiving

By Lou Nevola

Lou Nevola wrote this comment in response to -- What is a Caregiver -- A Reader Asks?

Care giving for a child or an adult is difficult. It is also transformative by making one into a better person as passions, agendas, and priorities change and challenge. But this is where the comparison ends.

Most of us choose to have a baby. In early pregnancy we start celebrating the pregnancy and telling the world our big news.

And then your care giving begins. Along your care giving journey will be education, celebrations, proms, vacations, weddings and more; you will be surrounded by friends and family.

In advanced Alzheimer’s or Dementia people can let you down; and then there is the realization of eventual disappointment, disability and death. -- Lou Nevola

Good insight.

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