Aug 2, 2010

Generic Aricept and Namenda Update

I am getting a lot of search hits from Google on the articles I wrote about generic Aricept and Namenda.

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I decided to put up an update that includes the currrent state of affairs on the patent expiration for both Aricept and Namenda and when the generic formulation will be available to consumers in the United States.

In addition, both Pfizer (PFE) and Forest Laboratories (FRX) recently released important information about the new formulations of Aricept and Namenda that will be coming on the market soon.

I am currently trying to obtain information on the dates when we can expect generic Aricept to hit the market. I know many of you are anxious to receive this information.

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The patent on Aricept expired November, 2010 (it has expired).


 The patent on Namenda expired July, 2015 (it has expired).

The Combination of Aricept and Namenda Helps Slow the Rate of Decline in Alzheimer's Patient


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