Sep 23, 2010

Dotty Perks Back Up and Dotty in the Morning (CinchCast)

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Here is something you might find interesting. About half of the subscribers to the Alzheimer's Reading Room never read the Dotty Says series. Why? Because they are new to the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

We have 1,000+ new subscribers since Dotty woke up sick on May 17.

For those of you that missed it. Dotty was enrolled in a Dimebon clinical trial from early January until May 10. During weeks six through eighteen, Dotty evidenced a series of behavior changes that were really remarkable. She more or less woke up and started talking about things like articles that appeared on the front page of the newspaper. The bottom line, while Dotty was on Dimebon she was more engaging.

As soon as Dotty stopped taking the Dimebon on May 10 things went down hill -- fast.

On May 17, Dotty woke up and she couldn't move. She couldn't stand up and she couldn't walk. I had to get a wheelchair so I could move her around. For a couple of weeks she couldn't even move around in our home.

After about three weeks, Dotty did start improving and she was finally able to walk around the house while holding on to things like chairs and the walls. Back then, I started working very hard to reteach her how to walk. It worked and she is close to where she was in early May.

In the last month, I have been making a more concerted effort to keep Dotty socialized, out in bright light, and to get her some minimal exercise -- walking in the pool. All of this is having a very positive effect on Dotty.

Dotty is getting stronger, more active, and "more there". She has improved so much that she is now a "pest" and is now starting to get into all kinds of things. Like throwing my mail away, and attacking the food section of our home like a raccoon.

I am now thinking that I need to put the Dotty Says articles and articles about her behavior during the Dimebon trial together for new readers to read.

Here are two samples --

Dimebon - 12 Wonderful Weeks - The Miracle that was Ours

Dotty Says, Of Course I Can Read I'm Not Dead

For those of you that have been asking here is another edition of Dotty in the morning.

If you don't see the audio button go here.

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