Jun 4, 2011

Why Let a Tiny Two Letter Word Deter You (Cinch Cast)

I actually made this podcast in September, 2010. I just finished listening to it again today. I was very surprised. Dotty sounds very different than she sounds today. If you like Dotty, you will find this podcast of interest and entertaining...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room
September, 2010

Dotty is complaining to me that her knees are hurting. This happens every day. I don't remember her ever complaining about her knees back in the days when we were going to the gym.

In a few minutes I'll start convincing Dotty that we need to go to the pool for some exercise. I already know that she is going to say NO several many times. I know this because I started working on her a few hours ago. Dotty has already told me NO over and over.

Why would I let a tiny two letter word deter me.

Now for the tiny three letter word.

Comments welcome. This one did have me laughing.

Podcast no longer available.

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