Oct 7, 2010

Alzheimer's Patient Making Memorable Art -- More There

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

This is a wonderful story. It shows that a person suffering from Alzheimer's can often do more than you think -- there is "more there" than most people imagine.

This has certainly been the case with my mother, Dorothy. She still continues to surprise me, and we are past the point of moderate Alzheimer's disease.

Chuck Kellar fans can recognize his signature work in seconds, but the artist often forgets which pieces are his shortly after painting them.

Kellar has Alzheimer's disease and can’t remember whether he is 83 or 85, but his fans find his work unforgettable, even as his own memory fades.

"I consider [Alzheimer’s] an advantage [to creativity]," he told AOL News. "Strangely, I operate in a surprising vacuum this way. I wake up and find new creativity. I am at a threshold -- I have to pay attention to all my ideas the moment they occur -- and this gives me constant inspiration. My tools are already built in and they tell me, 'Go with it.'

Read Chucks story on AOL

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