Oct 28, 2010

Dotty and the Dreaded Urinary Tract Infection

The dreaded Urinary Tract Infection Strikes Again....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

We were rolling along....

I thought we were going to make it through the year with one urinary tract infection. One urinary tract infection back in January and nothing through most of September. I was beginning to feel quite proud.

Then in late September the second urinary tract infection. Well, I put down my guard and got punched right in the face this time around.

We are now on number three. Obviously this comes under the label of recurring.

What did I do wrong? Well, instead of getting Dotty retested after number two, I let it slide because all seemed well. All I had to do, and what I should have done, was to take her urine sample into to the doctor's office to be analyzed ten days after she started taking her medication after number two. Simple right? Lazy right?

So, I didn't do it and assumed all was well.

Then over the weekend Dotty started acting kinda funny. This means dull. Not moving very well. At first, I thought it was the dreaded Poop-E problem. So I took care of that.

Next, I took her to the doctor on Tuesday. Dotty's temperature was 99.1. In the stratosphere for her. Normal temperature about 97.6. The doc checks out Dotty's lungs, heart, ears, nose, etc., nothing.

Well for some reason I did not take the trusty pee collector with me. Nor, did I take the urine sample with me. Why? Dotty was not evidencing her normal urinary tract infection symptoms. This means there was no yellow river. No pee pee all over the place. In fact, we were doing extremely well on the pee pee o'meter.

I already know what you are thinking. Dehydration. No, not even close. And yes, I had this tested. I really have my "drink water" moves down. I guess I should write about it.

So back to Tuesday at the doctor. Dotty couldn't give us a drop of pee. Nada, nix, nimbus, nothin'. So I take the cup and let them know I'll bring in the sample.

No, I didn't do it on Wednesday. I finally did it this morning. Well, as soon as I see the pee in the pee collector I did what I usually do. I said, UH OH out loud. One look at the color of the pee and I know we are dipped.

Off to the doctor. Urinary tract infection. No dehydration. So for the moment we are back on the medication. Then we shall see.

If you read down to here let me explain why the urinary track infection is so worrisome. There is substantial scientific evidence indicating that infections, including urinary tract infections, can hasten memory loss (or worse).

I just put that article up again on October 2. Why? Well that is when Dotty was having the previous urinary tract infection.

If you haven't read this I suggest you do.

Urinary Tract Infections Can Hasten Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Patients

While I am here. Many of you have been asking about Dotty. Well, she is doing about as expected. The only thing I noticed in the last month is she isn't laughing much. She does smile. So that bothers me a bit. This does come with the territory at this stage. This means I can accept it, does not mean I like it.

One thing for certain, Dotty will be getting her urine checked on November 8. Or, we will be heading back to the doctor sooner if there are any signs of worsening.

Dotty did get a little bag of potato chips today. As expected, it did improve her mood quite a bit.

I'll try to get a podcast soon.

Thanks for listening. I am feeling better as a result.

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