Oct 29, 2010

Should the Alzheimer's Association Be Run by Women?

Would the scope of operation or concern for Alzheimer's caregivers be different....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

The recently released report by Maria Shriver -- The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Takes on Alzheimer's indicates that 65 percent of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease are women; and that, 60 percent of Alzheimer's disease caregivers are women.

This made me think, why is the CEO of the Alzheimer's Association a man?

As a result of my background on Wall Street, I have a natural instinct to look at management teams and the financial structure of companies. This along with the findings in the Shriver report were the catalyst of my curiosity.

In any organization or corporation the important decision makers are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Committee -- in the case of the Alzheimer's Association -- 8 men and 2 women.

Senior Management

  • President and CEO -- Harry Johns

Management Team -- 4 men, 2 women

  • Robert J. Egge, Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Scott Gardner, Vice President, Chapter Relations
  • Angela Geiger, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Richard Hovland, Chief Operations Officer
  • William H. Thies, Ph.D., Chief Medical and Scientific Officer

Board of Directors -- 3 men, 2 women

  • Chair -- Edward Berube
  • Vice Chair -- Gerry Sampson
  • Secretary -- Mary Guerriero Austrom, Ph.D.
  • Treasurer -- Heather Burns

Executive Committee Members -- 8 Men, 2 Women

  • R. Thomas Bodkin
  • Randolph D. Brock III
  • Cathy Edge
  • Debbie Jones
  • Lam Viet Nguyen, M.D.
  • John Osher
  • Ronald Petersen, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Stewart Putnam
  • John Sabl
  • Ronald Schilling, Ph.D.

    Directors 18 Men, 16 Women

    • Electa Anderson
    • Christopher Binkley
    • Lane Bowen
    • Bill Buechele
    • Robert K. Burke
    • Meryl Comer
    • Steven DeKosky, M.D.
    • Richard Della Penna, M.D.
    • Jack Faer
    • Marlana Geha, Ph.D.
    • Marshall Gelfand, CPA
    • Colleen Goldhammer Benzin
    • Louis Holland, Jr.
    • Rita Hortenstine
    • Stephen Hume, Psy.D
    • Karen Kauffman, Ph.D., C.R.N.P., B.C.
    • Jacqueline Kouri
    • John E. Maggio, Ph.D.
    • Bonnie H. Marcus
    • Linda Mendelson
    • David Moscow
    • Ron Profili
    • Deborah A. Randall, Esq.
    • Kimberly Reed
    • Darlene Shiley
    • Alan Silverglat
    • Suzanne B. Swift
    • Carl E. Tuerk, Jr.
    • Debra Wesley-Freeman, MSW
    • Herb Williams
    • Shellie N. Williams, M.D.
    • Thomas J. Winkel
    • Thomas Yoshikawa, M.D.
    • Karen Zimmerman

    Source of information Alz.org.

    Did you know? Of every dollar raised by the Alzheimer's Association
    • 28 percent goes to General Management, general administration, and fund raising.
    • 72 percent goes to Alzheimer's care, research, support, awareness, and advocacy.
    I did take a good hard look at the financials statements. We'll leave that for a separate discussion.

    Should the Alzheimer's Association be run by women? If a women were running the AA and the Executive Committee were 65 percent women instead of 80 percent men, would the Association be run differently?

    Would the scope of operation or concern for Alzheimer's caregivers be different if more women were involved in the decision making?

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