Nov 8, 2010

Lily's LuLu's -- Ingenuity

By Kerry Runyeon
Alzheimer's Reading Room

On one of our many trips to Florida I removed all the suitcases to curtail Mom's packing everyday to go home.

Did that stop Lily?

As you can see by the picture she took her white pants, knotted each leg, and stuffed all her clothes inside.

All she needed was a stick to tie to it and throw it over her shoulder! Lily proves a little ingenuity can get you a long way.

Note from Bob: First, I can't stop smiling and laughing at this one. Second, two words -- "more there".

My dander is still up from the previous article.

Kerry Runyeon, RN, BSN is the primary caregiver for her mother Lily. Kerry chooses to focus on the humorous aspects of her journey with Alzheimer's disease. Her blog Living in the Moment with Lilybird is a reflection of her experience. Kerry resides in Dayton, Ohio

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