Dec 20, 2010

Alzheimer's Caregiver Love Quotes

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Does Caregiver Love Slow Alzheimer's Disease?

I would like to think my answer is Yes, Yes, Yes. I have been caring for my Mom for 14 years with Dementia. I do believe she feels safe, happy, loved and trusts her daughter. Her smiles and laughter says it all. We share a wonderful Mother/Daughter relationship.

We took care of Great Grams with Alzheimer’s disease for more than 4 years. We took her everywhere with us .... we lived our lives. We just included her in it. Did we get into some sticky situations? Definitely!
--Max Wallack

I think my husband is better off at home with me looking after him. I know he would not like to be in a home and I would not like him to be in one. While I can still look after him I will...

I really think that my husband would be lonely and worse off if I didn't lovingly attend to him. It is part of "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer" commitment I took when I married my husband.

I accompanied her on the ride from hospital to Hospice. When they wheeled her into the room, six nurses moved her onto the bed. They treated her with such love and respect. Such tender love - I will never forget that moment of feeling surrounded by love with her.

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