Dec 12, 2010

Lily's LuLu's ~ One Bed

By Kerry Runyeon
Alzheimer's Reading Room

On one of the many vacations we took with Lily, we stopped in South Carolina and requested two hotel rooms. The hotel did not have any double bed rooms left so we had to get two rooms with king size beds.

Naturally, my husband and I took one which left one for my seventeen year old son, my twenty-one year old daughter, and "Lily".

My six foot two son Ryan offered to sleep on the floor, but apparently he soon realized how uncomfortable that would be. He jumped into the bed with the "girls" and wrapped his arms around his grandma saying, Nana, I'm going to sleep in bed with you tonight.

Agreeing that the bed would be much more comfortable than the floor, Lily turned to him and said,


I don't have a picture of that night, but the picture I do have gives you some idea of how this might have looked.

Kerry Runyeon, RN, BSN is the primary caregiver for her mother Lily. Kerry chooses to focus on the humorous aspects of her journey with Alzheimer's disease. Her blog Living in the Moment with Lilybird is a reflection of her experience. Kerry resides in Dayton, Ohio

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