Jan 5, 2011

Alzheimer's, Stress Reduction, and Yoga for Your Face

Exercising your face tightens and tones muscles. It also combats aging and can reduce Alzheimer's caregiver stress...

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Yesterday I wrote about labeling your feelings and taking a series of deep breaths to reduce Alzheimer's caregiver stress, frustration and anger -- Alzheimer's Communication, Take a Few Deep Breaths.

Today I am going to bring back one of my personal favorites. A series of exercise that not only reduce stress, they help you look better. These exercises can also improve your self image.

You might chuckle when you see these yoga exercises for you face. Don't be afraid, try them. You will be surprised to learn -- they work.

Free Your Tongue

It is recommended that you hold this pose for 60 seconds. It is good if your eyes water; that flushes the toxins that may have accumulated there. You might want to try with 30 seconds and work your way. Get that tongue out!

Lion Face

Inhale through your nose, make fists and squeeze all your facial muscles. Feels good. Think positive.

Surprise Me!

Widen your eyes, as though surprised, but try not to wrinkle the brow. Focus on a point in front of you for about five to ten seconds. Then repeat, four times.

I use these exercises, and I found they do tighten your face. They also take some of the stress out of your neck. Once you get use to doing these exercises not only will your face get stronger, it will also take on a new shape. A tighter younger shape. You will feel better.

These exercises work best, in my opinion, when you are having the all too frequent bad Alzheimer's caregiving day.

While there is no scientific evidence I know of to back me up, I think these exercises might also help ward off depression.

After you do these exercises for a few weeks, you will begin to see some serious changes in your face. Hopefully, they will enhance your positive mental attitude.

If you try Yoga for Your Face come back and give us a reaction.

If you saw my mother doing these exercises with me, you would definitely have a better day. It is really fun to watch. They work for her too, she doesn't look a day over 84!

To get all eleven yoga exercises for your face go here.

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