Feb 23, 2015

Art Therapy and the Life of an Alzheimer's Patient

Lester Potts had never painted a picture prior to his diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. In the words of his son, "a miracle occurred".

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Art Therapy and the Life of an Alzheimer's Patient

When Lester Potts began succumbing to Alzheimer's disease at age 70, the changes in his demeanor hit his family "like a cyclone," his son Daniel recalls. In some ways the situation was especially hard on the younger Potts because he is a neurologist, and he blamed himself for not spotting the disease sooner:
"I thought myself a poor excuse for a dementia doctor and inadequate as a son."
Prior to his enrollment at Caring Days Adult Daycare Center, Lester had largely stopped smiling. He had never painted a picture. Lester Potts became an artist of national acclaim after the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

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Go here to read and listen -- An Artist Matures, Painting in Twilight.

Very moving, worth the time.

Sources UAB Magazine, American Academy of Neurology

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