Jan 21, 2011

Dotty Delivers Good News and I Have Two New Tools

I wrote about Dotty twice today and now there is some news, so here I go again...

By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room

Thanks for the comments, insight and advice under the previous article -- Hospice Care and Dotty.

Currently, I am smiling.

Dotty has not been eating much these days. It has been a struggle. Along with plenty of liquids and small amounts of food, I have been giving her Boost and Ensure.

Tonight, I had one of my wild and crazy ideas. I thought, I wonder if Dotty would eat Kentucky fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This is one of Dotty's favorites and along with the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I can usually convince her to eat the green beans. This ends up leaving both of us happy.

I also thought to myself, maybe this meal will solve a bigger ongoing problem. I actually thought this when I decided on the meal.

Dotty had not pooped in 4 days. Tomorrow was D day. If she didn't poop today I decided it was going to be time for the atomic bomb -- magnesium citrate. Of course, MC causes a 6 hour poop-a-thon. Whew.

Tonight, Dotty ate every thing on her plate -- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuit. Much more than I would have expected.

Sure enough an hour or so later, Dotty says she had to go to the bathroom. While getting her into the wheelchair my nose told me this could be the big one. It was. YeeHa.

Here is another thing I came up with along the way. I started turning off the toilet in Dotty's bedroom at night. The main purpose was so that I would be able to tell if Dotty got up out of bed and took a poop.

Carole Larkin said she thought this might be a good tool and idea for other caregivers. This way you can tell what happened and be certain about what happened overnight.

Your thoughts?

After the poop Dotty actually looks happier and a bit more alive. I had her laughing.

I should also mention I gave her a double prune juice today, and a stool softener the previous two nights. No success.

I suppose the greasy Kentucky fried chicken induced the desired atomic effect.

I'll try anything.

They ask would you rather be lucky or smart. My answer? Both.

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