Jan 25, 2011

Dotty Perks Up, Echo Cardiogram Today

Dotty sounded good this morning, a bit feisty for sure...

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe.

Dotty did perk up quite a bit this morning. She actually got herself out of bed and said, YouWho, I am awake you know.

This might be the turning point.

Dotty was quite feisty this morning. If you want a good laugh, listen to the end of the podcast. Dotty did have a bit of South Philly mouth this morning, so beware.

Go here to listen to Dotty via podcast.

Later this afternoon we are off for an Echo Cardiogram. This might be the end of the testing, or we might find out something? We shall see.

Before we go, its clean-up day for Dotty. So she should be nice and shiny by the time we leave.

Here is something you should know. I am going to be making more podcasts with Dotty. However, some of them might not publish here. If you enjoy listening you can bookmark my Cinchcast page and then check for any new podcasts.

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So far there are 43 podcast including one with Rudy Tanzi where he talks about finding an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease by 2020. Dr Tanzi is one of the world's top researchers.

The Plan to End Alzheimer's Disease by 2020 (Podcast).

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