Jan 16, 2011

Dotty's Health Improving Slowly, Two Podcasts

Dotty's health is improving slowly. It is slow going so far....

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

We are not out of the woods just yet. As I mentioned previously, Dotty is on a Z pack and the nebulizer. We are using the nebulizer to get medication in the form of a mist into her lungs. While using the nebulizer it looks like she is smoking a cigar. We also have an oxygen mask type attachment, but we are not using it.

I can still tell that Dotty is laboring a bit when breathing. This happens when I am moving her around. She is not short of breath. I use my ears to listen and she is laboring while breathing. Basically, breathing harder than you might expect.

Here are the last two morning podcasts.

To listen to Friday morning, January 14, go here. If you listen to the end you will get a couple of chuckles.

To listen to Dotty Sunday morning, January 16, go here. In this one I ask Dotty to say Hi to our friends on the blog. Pretty funny. Would have been better if you had seen her face.

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