Jan 11, 2011

Max Wallack the Alzheimer's Inventor Kid

I remember when I first read about Max Wallack. He had just won a Build-A-Bear Huggable Hero award and $2500. Care to guess what Max did with his new found 2500 bucks?...

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Bought a new IPod? Put it in the bank for college?

Max donated the $2500 to the Boston University School of Medicine’s Alzheimer's Disease Center.

This really caught my attention. So I decided to Google his name. Next, I decided to write an article about him and publish it to the Alzheimer's Reading Room. Then I waited.

I did not have to wait long. Within 48 hours he emailed me a note of thanks.

I asked Max if he could write about his experience with his great grandmother. He agreed to do so. This is how it all started here.

During 2010, Max wrote about 50 articles for the Alzheimer's Reading Room. He wrote about films, science, and he wrote about his experience with his Great Grams who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Max wrote about the plaid pajama's, the checkbook, Everything Costs One Dollar, Alzheimer's life, traveling with Great Grams, and my personal favorite which I call the Great Escape

You can see and listen to Max in this short two minute video.

Puzzles To Remember has distributed 5505 puzzles to over 407 Alzheimer’s caregiving facilities in all 50 states and also in Canada and Mexico. In addition, many similar programs are being launched with the help of Puzzles To Remember, in the United States, Portugal, and Australia.

Max is the Founder of Puzzles to Remember and is 14 years old.

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