Jan 13, 2011

They Call Me Doctor Bobby, Dotty Update and Podcast

It was a good thing that I talked to Carole Larkin and others before Dotty's doctor appointment on Monday. I went in with a plan and if I hadn't we would not know what we now know...

By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty has been sick since December 31. By Monday she was a bit better, but not much.

I have been taking Dotty's temperature for years. Her base temperature is 97.8. You might not think this is important, but it the main reason that Dotty no longer suffers from multiple and rolling urinary tract infections each year. Dotty, like many Alzheimer's patients, cannot tell me when she has a bladder infection. By taking her temperature and observing her daily pee habits, I have been able to predict when she has a UTI and get her to the doctor.

In fact, when Dotty's temperature was elevated in early October they told me she had a urinary tract infection. I actually said, I don't think so. Subsequently, after sending her urine out for analysis they told me her test showed a false positive.

I have been trying to convince our doctor since October that Dotty is sick. I believed this because her temperature was running 98.4 to 98.8, and she did not have a urinary tract infection. It was checked every two weeks during this period..

On Monday, I went to the doctor's office with Dotty determined that she would received a CT Scan of the chest and blood cultures. On December 31, Dotty had a chest X-Ray and the report showed her lungs as clear.

Today we received the results of the CT Scan. Dotty has pneumonia, a small amount of fluid in her lung, and a small amount of fluid around her heart.

Don't panic. We have things under control. Please be assured that if Dotty shows any signs of getting worse, or a spike in her temperature, I will get her to the hospital immediately. No hesitation.

Today Dotty started on a Z Pac and is smoking. Mister Neb.

We have a plan in place.

Dotty is doing better but is still very weak. This morning's podcast is very different than the one I did on Monday.

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