Nov 14, 2011

Alzheimer's Caregiver Unleashing the Strong and Deep Desire Within You

It is my belief that most Alzheimer's caregivers come to the job with a strong and deeply embedded desire to care.

By +Bob DeMarco 
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

Bob DeMarco | Alzheimer's Reading Room
Bob DeMarco
I believe that every Alzheimer's caregiver is called to duty for a reason.

The reason varies by person.

Maybe it is as simple as learning how to be patient. Or maybe its more complex, like learning how to love.

The possible explanations are limitless.

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I believe Alzheimer's caregiver receive a call. The reason behind the call is often elusive, hard to understand, and difficult to discover. Why me? Why Alzheimer's?

Some Alzheimer's caregivers rise to the task at hand as seamlessly as the sun coming up in the morning. Some come kicking and screaming -- lamenting their own sad and uncertain fate.

I watch and listen to Alzheimer's caregivers as they change. I watch from afar. I learn about their change because they email me, or I listen to their comments and learn about their personal metamorphosis.

Some Alzheimer's caregivers email and tell me they can't understand the situation they are in. They didn't have a good relationship with their parent and now they have to take care of them.

Some spouses email me and tell me about their own rotten fate, or about how embarrassed they feel.

In most cases, I learned that Alzheimer's caregivers have a strong and deep desire to care. It is my belief that "the deep" is embedded within each of us. It is there and awaiting the call to action.

I watch "one by one" as each person rises to the occasion. This happens regardless of starting point.

I often marvel at the strong attachment Alzheimer's caregivers have with each other. They start to stick to each other like glue. This stickiness is a result of the strong aroma that each Alzheimer's caregiver emits.

An aura.

The aroma of care.

Here is something else I learned. Alzheimer's caregivers are admired and respected.

In order to become an effective Alzheimer's caregiver you must allow this strong and "deep desire within" to come to the surface. To rise up, and out of you, from deep inside.

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