Feb 13, 2011

Eleanor Levin Hirsch

Eleanor Levin Hirsch 10 March 1919 - 13 February 2011. Eleanor is the mother of Sheryl Lynn...

From Sheryl Lynn

Thank you all for your support. My mom passed away this morning just before 9 am. Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echad.

I had spiritual visitation yesterday from her (she'd left her body in the morning and came to see me then so I'd know she was OK).

Later that day, her spirit directed me to buy her something "shiny and sparkly." I thought that meant I was supposed to buy the pendant with her guidance to wear to assist in my healing. I went to a crystal store I frequent and was led to a beautiful gemmy amber pendant that was shaped like a heart. It was shiny and sparkly. It felt wonderful to wear this pendant.

I learned later in the day about the healing properties of amber (among other things, it sends out negative ions to transmute negative energy into positive energy), so my brain understand why it feels so good to wear it.

But she wasn't passing away. Her spirit was out of the body, yet she was still holding on to life. I didn't understand. I asked many for their views on why she wasn't passing. Some said I was holding her here (I'd spent the better part of the previous two days giving her permission to go and sharing my iunderstanding of the journey out of the body into spirit, so that didn't feel right), some said her body wasn't working on her spirit's schedule, some said they didn't know.

It was all painful and confusing.

One friend suggested I place the pendant somewhere on her body or in her clothing. That didn't feel right as I planned on keeping the pendant as a reminder of our eternal love. I am energy-sensitive, and I knew I'd feel the energy of her difficult and prolonged departure in a way that wouldn't support my healing.

I spoke this morning with my next door neighbor, a retired RN, who suggested I place the pendant in the casket with her. I didn't know if that was OK, so I called the funeral home from my hotel room to ask if Jewish law permiitted my placing anything in her casket. And, just as I was speaking with them, that's when she passed away.

I'm taking the pendant to the funeral home today with instructions to place the pendant in her right hand. She was left-handed, and the non-dominant hand receives energy; she will always be receiving the energy of my love (I've been wearing the pendant since I purchased it, so my energy is in the pendant).

The hospice nurse just called me to say that when she pronounced my mom as having passed, her right hand was clenched in a fist. Not both hands. Her right hand. She's waiting to receive her pendant. I get it now.

Your love and support are so precious to me. That being said, I know some will ask about donations.

I have already received so much from you and I feel complete with that, but if you feel called to make a donation, I suggest you visit Puzzles to Remember. My friend Max Wallack, for his Bar Mitzvah project, started a 501(c)3 corporation to obtain and distribute jigsaw puzzles for Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

I learned of Max through the Alzheiimer's Reading Room blog, for which I am a contributing writer. Max was his Great-Grams' caregiver when he was a boy; she had Alzheimer's Disease.

Last time I checked, Max had distributed over 7000 puzzles across North America. Max and Springbok have worked together to release a new line of 6 and 12 piece puzzles for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Working puzzles is an excellent way to stimulate brain function. I can't think of a better place for donations to be made to celebrate my mom's life than Puzzles To Remember. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Love and Blessings to You,


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