Feb 2, 2011

New Testimonials for the Alzheimer's Reading Room

If you would like to add a testimonial for the Alzheimer's Reading Room's testimonial page, here is how to do it...

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Many of you are writing me wonderful emails letting me know how your are benefiting and using the Alzheimer's Reading Room. I really appreciate your words. I would like to formalize your words by having them in the form of a testimonial.

Visit our Testimonial page.

If you would like to add a testimonial please use the following format and the contact button.

You can use your first name, or your full name. You can also include the name of your business, website, or blog.

If possible limit the testimonial to 75 words.

Here is an example of the format.

The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the number one source of life news for the entire Alzheimer's community. The site focuses on Alzheimer's disease and the art of Alzheimer's caregiving.
-- Bob DeMarco, Alzheimer's Reading Room

Please send your email here, or use the contact button on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

I know you are all busy; however, your testimonials are important and greatly appreciated.

Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer's Reading Room