Feb 26, 2011

Pete the Parrot -- I Need Some Help and Feedback

If you have Pete the Repeat Parrot please take a moment to comment and provide feedback...I need your help...

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I bought my current parrot here. Click the image.

Most caregivers assume this parrot won't work for them. In almost every case, over 500 caregivers, it worked. You might pay about $20 for one hour of respite care. You can buy this parrot for around $20. By my own estimate this parrot provided me with about 3,000 hours of respite care at a cost of less than one cent (.006) per hour.

Under the article -- Alzheimer's Caregiver Patience and Persistence -- CindyP commented that her parrot takes 6 AA batteries.

The six battery parrot is bigger and I suspect he might have a better digital voice system. I'll get to the bottom of this within the next ten days. In the meantime, I need some help and information.

Could each of you please tell me the color of the body on your parrot? Ours has a yellow body, like this one in the image below.


Can you look on the box, or under the base of the parrot and tell me if it says Gemmy Industries?

Finally, if your ordered from Amazon, could you look at the original page where you saw the parrot and tell me the ASIN number?

We also purchased a parrot four years ago. He is bigger than the Pete we now have. And, his digital voice system is substantially better. We call that parrot Harvey in the video. I intend to find out if that version is still available.

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