Jan 21, 2012

What America Thinks, The MetLife Foundation Alzheimer’s Survey

What America Thinks,” conducted by Harris Interactive, found that most people are not preparing for the strong possibility that they or their family members will develop Alzheimer’s, despite significant fear of the disease.

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When asked which of five major diseases they fear most, Alzheimer’s disease was second (31%) behind cancer (41%), but far ahead of heart disease (8%), stroke (8%) and diabetes (6%).

The survey was conducted by telephone with 1,007 adults in September 2010; it follows similar research from 2006, the year of the 20th MetLife Foundation awards presentation.

The current study found:
  • 44 percent of adults have family members or friends with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) of adults are extremely or very concerned that they may someday provide care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, an increase from 18% in 2006.
  • Only 18 percent of adults say they have made any plans for the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease, compared to 12 percent in 2006. Fewer than half of all adults claim to have talked to their families about Alzheimer’s disease (41%).
  • Thirty-three percent have considered what care options would be available to them in the event of AD; 44 percent have designated who would take care of them. Slightly more than one in five (21%) adults claims to have made any financial arrangement for the possibility of AD onset.

Harris Interactive

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