Mar 27, 2011

Alzheimer's Patient Charged With Aggravated Assault, What Do You think?

This man was supposed to go to prison...
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Joe McLeod, who has Alzheimer's
disease, is accused of assaulting
an 87-year-old man in a
Winnipeg care home.
This is the second time I am writing about Joe McLeod.

Just when you think people are coming to a clearer understanding of Alzheimer's disease something like this happens.

Previously, Joe McLeod, 69, was arrested on Sept. 2 for assault after he became confused and pushed his wife down and injured her. At the time John was disoriented and didn't recognize her.

Rose McLeod said her husband did not recognize her and she was showing him a family photo to jog his memory when the incident occurred. She required eight stitches to her chest when she fell against the corner of the picture frame.
After the police arrived on the scene and assessed the situation, they took Joe first to the hospital; and then, to jail after the hospital gave him a medical clearance.

And there John stayed for more than a month.

Only after the news media got involved and the story became public did something start to happen.

Finally on Friday, October 8, John was granted bail on the condition that he be transfered to a "care home" selected by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and agreed to by his family. His released was obtained in part because of the efforts of a local politician -- Jon Gerrard.

Joe was referred to a care home.

Now, police have charged 70-year-old Joe McLeod with aggravated assault. Joe sufferers with Alzheimer's disease, and was a resident of the Parkview Place care home.

His latest victim, Frank Alexander, 87, is in critical condition following the incident.

Frank was injured when Joe pushed him during an altercation. Frank allegedly fell backwards after being pushed and struck his head on the floor.

Frank Alexander's family placed him for a short period of time at Parkview Place care while they awaited his placement into Deer Lodge Centre. Frank's family placed him in the care home because they were worried about his wandering.

Frank's prognosis at this time is not good.

Frank's son, Douglas Alexander said,
"We're really, really disappointed in that a person as aggressive as this fellow was placed in the home where my dad is — and that he wasn't being watched — and my dad got injured.”

"I'm kind of disappointed that we have politicians sticking their nose in the medical business and causing this kind of situation to happen. This man was supposed to go to prison and he's in a care home."
At the time, Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard said it was unacceptable for anyone with Alzheimer's disease to be kept in jail.

What is your reaction to this situation? What do you think should be done to remedy situations like this?

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