Mar 28, 2011

Climb Mt Everest, Cure Alzheimer's

Hey Alan, if you see this, give us a shout out from Mt Everest....
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I had intended to call Alan Arnette before he left for the climb of Mt Everest. As is often the case I didn't get to it. I say those words late every night -- I didn't get to it.

Right now, Alan is on his way to Kathmandu. Wozo.

Alan has a vision, raise awareness and raise $1 million for the cure for Alzheimer's disease. All the money goes right into the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. Direct. Alan will not receive one cent of these funds.

It gets better. 100 percent of any donation goes into Alzheimer's research. You might be wondering how that can happen?

The founders of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund pay all the fund's overhead -- right out of their own pockets. That is how you spell -- Commitment. They know Alzheimer's.

I know money is always tight. However, if you have a couple of bucks to donate, click this big red button.

While you are at it. Ask you friends and co-worker to hit the button.

Remember what Dr Oz said about Alzheimer's disease,

In the future, either you'll get it, or you'll know someone that has it.

The future is right now.

Go here for the latest information on the Everest Climb.

Check out Alan's schedule and take a few minutes to watch the video.

I (Alan) am climbing Mt Everest with International Mountain Guides on their Sherpa lead “Classic” team.
  • March 26-29 travel to Kathmandu
  • March 30-April 11 trek to base camp at 17,500’
  • April 11-12 Everest Base Camp
  • April 13-19 Acclimatization climbs on Lobuche
  • April 20-23 Everest Base Camp
  • April 24-May 7 Acclimatization climbs the Khumbu Icefall, Western CWM and Lhotse Face
  • May 12-18 Summit Push with summit on May 17th
  • May 19-24 trek out, fly to Kathmandu
  • May 25 Fly home

Check out -- Everest 2011 Now Underway.

Hey Alan, if you see this, give us a shout out from Mt Everest.

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