Mar 2, 2011

Dotty Tickles Me Pink and Wows Me

What is that racket out in the kitchen?... and yakkety yak yak yak...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I'm sitting here at the computer and all of a sudden I hear noise and a commotion coming from the kitchen. What is that racket?

I go up to find out. There is Dotty looking intently on with her head going back and forth. She has both parrots turned on -- Harvey and Petey. Well, once you turn both on and say a few words they never stop talking. They keep talking and talking (parrot talk). They won't stop until you turn one off.

As I was watch Dotty goes from laughing, to perplexed, to kinda PO - ed. By then I am on the scene and I chime in. You can hear what it sounded like in the podcast below. It is not quite that crazy in person.

I was I had a video of this one. I think you would have been tickled pink, just like me. Life is good.

Yesterday I took Dotty to the doctor for a check-up. Can you believe it? That was the first time we had a month between doctor appointments since August.

Dotty is doing better, much better in fact.

We get in the office and right away everyone that works there brightens up. They notice that Dotty is walking and not in a wheelchair. Everyone remarks and gives Dotty a big smile.

And then it happened.

We are in the examination room with Natalia. It usually goes like this. Dotty how are you doing? "I'm a healthy old broad, there is not a damn thing wrong with me". Then they ask me.

I really don't have much on my list. However, I have a pee sample because Dotty registered the dreaded 98.4 temperature. They take her temperature -- 98.5. I go, uh oh, crap. Could be bad news.

Meanwhile Dotty starts yakking away. How are you doing honey (talking to Natalia). They start having a conversation. This rarely happens these days. Back and forth. I just sit there and observe.

Next Dotty gets her B 12 shot. Dotty informs Natalia that she doesn't want the shot. Then she just sits there and doesn't even flinch.

Next it is time for the pulmonary test. I forget what they call it. Dotty blows into the pipe and the computer registers the reading. I start demonstrating to Dotty with my face and mouth what to do. Telling Dotty to take a deep breath and then blow out as hard as she can is not enough. This is a show and tell with visual aid kinda thing.

Dotty blows a few times and it doesn't look good to me. Natalia says, looks good. I say, are you sure about that. She says yes, its computerized, good for her age. Okay then. I make a mental note. Time for me and Dotty to start doing some deep breathing exercises.

They put Dotty's pee into the machine. Looks suspicious. I consult with Doc.

Any chance she can beat this on own her own? Doc says maybe. Can we wait for the report when results from the "official" test comes back in two days? Doc says yes. But, keep your eye on her temperature. Duh.

Meanwhile, the entire time Dotty is yakking away. How are you? Busy? How come you are working on Saturday (its Tuesday)?

Meanwhile Dotty is yakking with me too. Then we get over to Sunny. Dotty, how's the baby? Blah blah.

Dotty keeps yakking. She is bright eyed and bushy tailed. We get home. I feed Dotty lunch. She looks way tired.

I get her onto the sofa. Dotty is still sleeping after an hour and a half -- Dotty is out cold. She has not moved an inch. She is still sawing down the Sahara forest. 30 more minute go by. Hasn't moved an inch.

Finally, she wakes up. She has a nice big smile on her face. An excellent rarely seen smile.

I ask her did you sleep good? She shakes her head yes and then says....

I'm hungry, I'm starving.

Its the parrots folks. They continue to make a big difference.

By the way. Dotty is now giving me complete cooperation on the showers. She is back to taking some of the showers on her own.

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