Mar 13, 2011

Dr Oz Sleep Saboteur Silent Reflux

Statistics indicate as many as 24 percent of Alzheimer's patients wake up caregivers at night. Are you experiencing a problem with Alzheimer's sleep patterns? Could the following be the reason why your Alzheimer's patient is not sleeping well at night?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dr Oz Sleep Saboteur Silent Reflux
Dr. Oz
Many Alzheimer's caregivers tell me their Alzheimer's patients is not sleeping at night, or not sleeping well. When this happens the caregiver often suffers from sleep deprivation. This makes the caregiver "cranky". A lack of adequate sleep can cause the Alzheimer's caregiver to become depressed. Forty percent of Alzheimer's caregivers suffer from depression.

I suggest you take a look at these two Dr OZ video's on silent reflux (links at the bottom on the article. You might want to take some notes and discuss this with your personal care physician.

I learned as an Alzheimer's caregivers that you should never leave any stone unturned. It might be a long shot, but imagine this: You get a better night's sleep, you are in a better mood, and less tired. This means more effective caregiving.

You never really know which potential solution to a problem is going to work. Most caregivers, including me, tend to give up when a first, second, or third solution doesn't work. Sometimes all it takes is patience and determination.

Put it this way, it is well worth the effort to investigate any and all possible solutions to a problem. If you find a solution to an ongoing problem, the quality of your life and caregiver experience is going to be positively affected for years to come.

If the Alzheimer's patient sleeps better consider this: the patient will be less moody and irritable, might be less "mean", and will probably be easier to deal with during the day.

I suggest you watch both of these briefs videos from Dr OZ.

Sleep Saboteur: Silent Reflux, Pt 1.

Sleep Saboteur: Silent Reflux, Pt 2.

Bob DeMarco
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