Mar 25, 2011

Empire Avenue -- Robert Scoble

Sometimes you just need to "veg" out for a while....
Alzheimer's Reading Room

This post is off track. I started playing this game a while back called Empire Avenue. You can use this link to get to Empire Avenue.

When you sign up to play on Empire Avenue (it is free), they give you some Eaves (money). Then you start buying and selling shares in other people. A person’s influence score is based on their share price. So the higher your share price, the higher your influence.

You might be wondering why I play. Well, its very easy to play and its good for a few minutes here and there of "vegging out".

The goal of the game is to get your price share up, raise your visibility, and gain influence.

Today, I went in to play and I couldn't believe my eyes. One of the biggest names and one of the most influential people in the technology world came in and started playing -- Robert Scoble.

Robert has over 100,000 followers on the Internet. Probably more. I follow him because he keeps me up to date on everything that is going on in new Technology. He is well worth following. You won't miss anything if you follow Robert. If you like cell phones or games you'll get the review from Robert before most people know the new product exists. You can then jump to the front of the line and buy it. Great for Christmas time with the kids or grandchildren.

I was not surprised when Robert's share price zoomed from 10 to 30 in a few minutes. Remarkable.

Who knows, maybe some day we will become as influencial as Robert -- in the Alzheimer's community. When that happens the word about the Alzheimer's Reading Room will spread rapidly on the Internet and we could expect a dramatic increase in the number of the Alzheimer's caregives and Alzheimer's community members coming here for help, insight and advice.

Maybe we will work our way into Robert Scoble's awareness someday. There can be little doubt that many of his followers have been touched by Alzheimer's disease and could benefit from being here.

Afterall, a recent Harris Interactive poll showed that 44 percent of Americans have been touched by Alzheimer's disease.

I think Dr. OZ said it best.

"In the future you'll have Alzheimer's, or know someone that does".

Sadly, it is happening faster than most people can imagine.

Go here to check out Empire Avenue, sign up, and play.

Just so you know. The Alzheimer's Reading Room is ranked as the second wealthiest business on Empire Avenue (that is eaves, not real money). We would be number one, but, the only "business" still ahead of us started playing a year before we did.

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