Mar 13, 2011

National Booze Festival for Alzheimer's

To be honest, I would like to see this effort to promote Alzheimer's awareness, and raise money for Alzheimer's go national. This would likely bring younger people 21-40 years old into the fold...
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Congratulations to our friends at the Western and Central Washington State chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. The first annual ALES for ALZHEIMER'S fundraiser was a big success.

"We had over 400 participants and raised over $12,000. Drinking in excess was not promoted nor was it exhibited by any of our participants. Additionally, we raised awareness. Win-Win!"
-- Keri Pollock

When I posted the headline -- Booze it Up for Alzheimer's -- I was trying to catch everyone's attention.

If you go to the website -- ALES for ALZHEIMER'S -- you'll notice that 12 interesting looking restaurants and bars participated in this fundraiser. These were existing businesses that agreed to participate in Alzheimer's Awareness and fundraising. This was not an effort to promote drinking.

I think this is a wonderful idea and I hope it goes national.

My guess is that this fundraiser attracted a somewhat younger demographic overall, we need to raise awareness among our citizen's under 40 years old. I would expect the second annual ALES for ALZHEIMER'S to do even better.

If you go to the webpage you'll notice that for $30 you received the opportunity to sample some ale, and you received a t-shirt.

Love the t-shirt, I want to get one.

To our friends out west, make sure you send me the info for next years fund raiser well in advance.

I should also mention that it appears to me that the people in Washington state are really well organized. It now appears to me that they are also creative.

We have a much larger readership from Washington than you would expect given the size of the state. A bigger readership than states like New Jersey and Michigan, both of which have a larger population.

Special not to readers. From now on, I'll publish the announcement of any and all Alzheimer's fund raisers. All you have to do is send me the information. If you have something going, use the contact button in the navigation bar to send the information.

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