Mar 6, 2011

What Alzheimer's Can't Take

He often reminded us that in life, there are no guarantees. It is what you do with what you have that matters. We did not pity ourselves, or him, or others. We continued to live and savor our time with him and each other....

Alzheimer's Reading Room
stillness welcomes me home - though home will never be the same. It has only been four hours since we lost Dad to Alzheimer's, but we had been losing him slowly, piece by piece, for a decade. The chill in the air elicits a thousand memories that lie, one over the other, like rings of a tree, or striations of rock that fuse and in their entirety become an object or a lifetime.

Standing in the doorway of our home, for a moment it is as though everything is as it was, as if he might be in there. I strain to hear the dishwasher and wish that if I stood still a minute longer, I could hear his voice saying "Okay, I am going up."

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Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer's Reading Room