Apr 3, 2011

Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders is in Jeopardy

The Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders is in Jeopardy...

The Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders enables individuals 65 and older to continue to reside in their communities. This program serves Connecticut’s elderly residents by providing assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and eating, as well as periodic needs such as shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking and transportation. Twenty-two percent (22%) of the program participants are Alzheimer's and dementia patients, and receive critical services that allow them to remain in the community with their loved-ones.

Governor Rell is proposing to raise the co-pay and close level 1 of the program and we know this will have a detrimental effect on people with Alzheimer’s currently enrolled! In 2010, nearly 500 seniors dropped out of the CT Home Care Program for elders because they could not afford an additional 15% cost-share.

You can help by making a quick phone call! Please call or e-mail Senator Toni Harp and Rep. Toni Walker today and simply say:

Please stop the 15% cost-share and keep level 1 open for the CT Home Care Program for Elders, so that individuals with Alzheimer’s and persons of color and low-income can continue to remain in their homes, thank you.

Senator Toni Harp: 1-800-842-1420

Representative Toni Walker: 1-800-842-1902

We appreciate your concern for the Alzheimer’s cause and willingness to be a voice for those who need support. Your immediate action is needed and greatly appreciated.


Laurie Julian
Director of Public Policy
Alzheimer's Association Connecticut Chapter

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