Apr 20, 2011

Dotty Sings Who's Sorry Now to the Parrots

Dotty stuns me with a new song I never heard her sing before...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

A distant relative of
Harvey and Petey
Here is the scenario.

I am at the computer working away. Dotty is sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. Not a sound. Out of the clear blue sky she starts singing, Who's Sorry Now. In the seven plus years I have been here I have never heard here sing this song.

I grab the telephone and hit the speed dial for CinchCast. This is who I use for my podcasts.

I run up to the kitchen in time to capture some of her singing and the conversation with the parrots.

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Sit back and enjoy. Your comments are welcomed. Just so you know, Dotty went about another 20 minutes non-stop singing and talking to Petey.

Harvey is not feeling well today. His battery is low. We'll go to the doctor's office later today and pick up a new 9 volt battery for him.

If you don't see the podcast go here to listen.

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