Apr 26, 2011

Generic Aricept Prices Set to Drop Soon

If you normally purchase a 90 day supply of generic Aricept, I suggest you purchase a 30 day supply this time around and wait for the price drop...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

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Late in November, 2010 the patent for Aricept (Donepezil) expired. Shortly thereafter, the price of Aricept dropped by about 36 percent. Right now, a 30 day supply of 10 mg generic Aricept costs about $150 (Costco, Boca Raton, Florida).

When a patent expires, the FDA grants one company a six month exclusivity period to sell and market the generic drug. Of course, the company making the branded version of Aricept also had the right to lower its price and sell a branded generic.

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The six month exclusivity period for generic Aricept is ending at the end of May. This should lead to lower prices. At this time, I don't have a fix on the range of prices that we can expect. My guess right now is that the price will fall under $90 by the end of June.

If you normally purchase a 90 day supply, I suggest you purchase a 30 day supply this time around and wait for the price drop.

This suggestion applies to everyone. Even if you are on Medicare, the full retail price you pay for any drug is applied to your first level of medication coverage.

On average, over 1,200 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's each day. The news of dropping generic Aricept prices comes at a very good time for them.

The lower generic Aricept price is good news for the entire Alzheimer's community. Hopefully this means that a greater number of Alzheimer's sufferers will be able to afford the medication.

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